You have waited long enough for your money! That is why you came to us. Graystone offers same day information on accounts which have become slow or delinquent. We put the money back where it belongs, with your company. Here are some of the services we provide our clients:

Collection Rates

Graystone collects, on average, six out of every ten accounts placed within ninety days. We offer the most competitive rates in the commercial collection industry. All rates are contingency based. There is never a fee, if we don't collect.

Weekly Remittance

At Graystone, we have a weekly remittance policy to ensure our clients get money circulating back to their business as quickly as possible.  Checks are sent out the next day upon verification of funds.

Litigation in Zero to Sixty Days

Graystone uses financial information and timeline approaches keeping debtors from backing out of arrangements thus slowing the payment process.  We demand decisions be made regarding payments in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Up to the Minute Reporting

See our collection experts at work with enhanced online and mobile features. Customer data can be downloaded online in various formats for printing.

Complementary Credit Reports

Whether or not you are bringing on a new client, have a delinquent one, or have heard from business partners that your client may be experiencing financial difficulties; our real-time reporting gives you financial insight to make appropriate decisions on a course of action, all at no cost to you.

Demand Letters

Demand letters can be sent on behalf of clients giving debtors one last chance to make good on any monies owed.  The instruction to pay you directly lets them know that they still have the privilege of working with you but that they will immediately be sent to collections if this final demand is not attended to.