We've recovered over 250 million dollars for our clients. Producing top results based on strategy and tactics. Graystone has invested millions of dollars in our system to offer you one of the best debt collection processes in the world.

We work each file a minimum of 3 times per week regardless of size or age. Upon placement we will conduct an immediate investigation of your debtor’s ability to pay and establish their intentions.

This is better for you and it’s better for your business – here’s why – We will accomplish more in the first 2 weeks of working your accounts than most agencies will in 60 days. And …

Because of our system, we’re able to give you enough information on each account placed so you can act before it’s too late.

Litigate now  With Graystone, you can litigate while your customer still has funds. Most accounts are sued for a flat fee. Talk to a specialist today!

Weekly Remittance  Our simplified process means no waiting. Graystone remits client monies 52 times per year.