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Professional Arizona Commercial Debt Collections Agency

Graystone Partners stands as a qualified and efficient Arizona collection agency dedicated to recovering your lost revenue effortlessly. With over 60 years of expertise spanning multiple states, our licensed specialists are adept at local and international debt recovery. Best part? No restored debt, no payment required.

Collections Services

  • Corporate & Commercial Collections
  • International
  • Asset and Liability Investigations
  • Commercial Collections Litigation

Credit Collection Partners

  • 3rd Party Collections Agency
  • 1st Party Collections Outsourcing
  • Top-Rated Pre-Collect Services
  • Licensed in the United States & Abroad

Service & Results Driven

  • Transparent Collections Updates
  • Live Notes Update On Account Status
  • Success Rate Reports
  • Pay Nothing If We Don’t Collect!

Approach and Services:

Our ultimate goal is to recover your money owed to your business. We are committed to delivering results and will tirelessly pursue debtors to maximize recovery. Call or email to get started today!

Debt Recovery

Our primary focus is on recovering outstanding debts -getting clients paid. As an Altus Affiliate, we employ a variety of strategies including investigation, negotiation, and if needed – legal action. Never a fee unless we collect.

Skip Tracing

In cases where debtors have moved or changed their contact information, our skip tracing services can help locate them. We utilize advanced techniques and databases to find updated information, increasing the chances of successful debt recovery

Legal Support

In situations where legal action is necessary, we have an in-house team of legal collectors, and an in-house law firm. Our legal team will guide you through the legal process to protect your financial interests.

Credit Reporting

As part of our services, we provide the very best credit reporting on customers and debtors to help you make informed decisions when extending credit. Reports are a blend of the top three commercial credit reports and include detailed information on the debtor’s payment history, creditworthiness, and any outstanding debts. You can purchase them individually – never locked into a contract


Our Experienced Commercial Debt Collectors

Graystone Partners efficiently resolved our overdue accounts, exhibiting professionalism and effectiveness. Highly recommend their services to businesses in Arizona!

Adam T.

Graystone Partners provided exceptional support, improving our cash flow and customer relationships. A valuable asset to any business.

Lauren H.

Graystone Partners in Tucson provided exceptional support, improving our cash flow and customer relationships. A valuable asset to any business.


A Proven Arizona Collections Agency

In Arizona, Graystone Partners stands as a top-rated corporate collections company nationwide. Proudly partnered with Altus Receivables Management, our agency offers a diverse suite of debt collection services both domestically and internationally.

Tailoring our services to match your evolving business needs, we cover international collections, B2B collections, asset investigation, debt collection litigation, 1st party outsourcing, pre-collect services, and more. Our Arizona-based debt collection specialists, with over 60 years of combined expertise, hold licenses and qualifications to deliver local and international debt relief, allowing you to manage your business worry-free.

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Graystone Partners: Your debt resolution experts. Trust our seasoned professionals to recover what’s rightfully yours. With ethical practices and proven results, we’re here to ease your burden.