Attorney Monitored Corporate Collections

At Graystone Partners, our attorney-supervised collections set us apart as the foremost national collections agency. Endorsed by the IACC and certified by the CLLLA, we navigate debt collection litigation with confidence, deploying it only when success is assured. Backed by attorneys, our agents possess the expertise to pursue litigation if needed, yet our diverse approaches prioritize resolution without straining business relationships.

USA Commercial Debt Recovery Agency

At Graystone Partners, our suite of services as a national commercial collections agency includes B2B collection services. By directly engaging, we sidestep middlemen, ensuring clear communication and preserving business relationships while recovering owed debt amicably. With over 60+ years’ expertise in USA national debt recovery, trust us to restore your financial stability. Reach out to Graystone Partners today for further insights.

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Our Experienced Commercial Debt Collectors

As a business owner operating in a sector where timely payments are crucial to our cash flow, I recently turned to Graystone Partners for assistance with commercial debt collection. From the initial consultation through to the resolution of outstanding debts, my experience with their team has been notably professional and effective.

Lisa S.

Their success rate in recovering debts was impressive. While I was initially skeptical about the potential outcomes, the results spoke for themselves. The fees were reasonable and structured in a way that aligned our interests, making it evident that our success was their priority.

Leonard F.

One aspect that particularly impressed me was their commitment to ethical practices. In an industry that can sometimes navigate murky waters, Graystone operates with integrity, ensuring that all actions are within legal bounds and that debtor relations are handled with respect. This approach not only facilitated the recovery of outstanding amounts but also preserved valuable business relationships.

Grant C.

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