Our Collection Recovery Process

At Graystone Partners, our extensive 60+ years in international commercial collections ensure a high client success rate. Providing diverse debt collection services, free quotes, and contingent pay options, we offer live updates and comprehensive information during collections. With strong ties to commercial collection attorneys nationwide, our agents are adept at international debt collection litigation. Reach out today for further insights!

Rapid Creditor Analysis

We take pride in our swift creditor analysis, guiding our debt collection strategy promptly. Our licensed, adept agents strive tirelessly to surpass client expectations, leveraging our international collections expertise efficiently.

Smart Collections Outreach

Utilizing smart collections outreach is a key strategy at Graystone Partners for effective debt recovery. This approach empowers our recovery agents, enabling them to orchestrate international corporate collections with heightened organization and efficiency. Our goal is to achieve optimal results for your business through these streamlined methods

Multi-Layered Reporting

Maintaining live notes and real-time updates throughout the recovery journey, Graystone Partners aims to lead as the premier global commercial collections agency. Our primary objective is the comprehensive restoration of lost revenue, coupled with absolute client contentment. Connect with us today for further details.

Online Dashboard

Working with Graystone Partners grants you round-the-clock access to our online client dashboard. Monitor all accounts, received payments, live notes from your dedicated agent, email notifications, and more at your convenience. Click the video below for further insights!

Full Service Collections


Graystone Partners takes pride in our extensive service range, encompassing asset and liability investigations, background checks, pre-collect services, professional customer support, B2B debt collection, and beyond. With fees contingent upon successful collection, we prioritize affordability for you.

Boasting over six decades of collective experience in international commercial debt recovery, we tirelessly strive for your complete satisfaction and financial restoration. Our agents nurture strong ties with attorneys across every state, ensuring optimal outcomes in reinstating your lost revenue.

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Graystone’s Collections Dashboard For Clients

Our international corporate collections agency prides itself on the highly acclaimed online client dashboard. This tool not only keeps you updated during the recovery process but also allows seamless addition and tracking of new accounts. Easily communicate with your dedicated recovery agent and track payments, notes, and files associated with each account. Discover more about the client dashboard’s immense benefits for your business in the video below.

Total Tracking and Reporting in the Cloud
Detailed Customizable Reporting
Easily Add and Track New Accounts
Real Time Case Feeds for Each Account
Add notes and files for Each Account
Custom Email Notifications

Professional Commercial Debt Collection Company


Graystone Partners, in collaboration with Altus Global, brings decades of global collection expertise. Renowned as leaders in international commercial collections, our 66 offices worldwide ensure an unmatched global presence. Our adept team of foreign-national collectors, fluent in local languages and cultures, navigates local laws to maximize client benefits, expediting payments. Our strategies prioritize faster collections and reduced overall costs.

Contact Graystone Partners today for a complimentary quote and consult with an experienced commercial collections specialist in NY.

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Creating an account with Graystone Partners offers immediate access to our welcoming, professional customer service and the rewards of our results-oriented approach. With over 60 years of triumph as an international small business collection agency, we’re adept at restoring your lost revenue, optimizing cash flow, and reinstating your business’s financial stability.

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